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The Clear Diamond Cut

The Emerald Cut Diamond is known as one of the most exceptional diamonds in the world and it is especially known for it’s “clarity”.At Clear Diamond Life, we are proud to bring you that same sense of clarity when it comes to your wealth building and retirement strategies.Like the Emerald Cut Diamond, the financial strategies […]

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Meeting Doug Andrew

In 2006, while attending a mortgage bankers convention in Las Vegas, I met a gentleman named Doug Andrew. Doug was a vendor at the convention and was handing out his newly released book titled “Missed Fortune”. Little did I know at the time, this chance meeting would alter the course of my life and the […]

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If there was a way where your money

If there was a way that you could… Grow your money without the risk of loss Access your money at anytime without penalty Enjoy a favorable and historically predictable rate of return Withdraw your gains completely tax free Transfer your estate completely tax free Leverage your money while your basis enjoys uninterrupted compounding of interest […]

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