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A library of videos that break down financial concepts and outlines your path forward to implementing these strategies for yourself.

Watch This Video First: Introduction to Our Educational Video Series

1. Introduction of Wealth Strategies

Some of the common financial strategies you hear through media outlets - TV, Radio, etc. - are targeting a specific demographic. The question really becomes: are you that demographic?

2. Three Types of Money

Every financial product in the marketplace can be categorized into these three types of "buckets": (1) taxable, (2) tax-deferred, and (3) tax-free.

3. Traditional Way of Doing Things

In an ideal situation, there are a list of characteristics that you would want in a wealth accumulation vehicle. But what you want isn't always what you have - or are currently offered.

4. Become a Wealth Builder

Before you select which wealth accumulation vehicle(s) that best suits your needs, you must understand the fundamentals of how people save and spend money.

5. Real-Life Traditional Scenario

Some of the most popular places to build wealth is to put money in a 401(k), Mutual Funds, and a Home. While these vehicles are not a bad thing, we must look at and compare their benefits to the other vehicles available.

6. The Greatest Wealth Accumulation Vehicle

Now that we have gone over and understand the "why", it's now time to focus on the "how". The Top 25% of wage earners in America are exploring financial options available to them and have found one wealth vehicle that meets their needs.

7. Leverage Money Like The Wealthy

The wealthy are leveraging their money and making major purchases without effecting their account value. One of the best examples to demonstrate how this is done is to look at banks.

8. Comparison of Various Financial Alternatives

One of the biggest risks you face during retirement is longevity: the risk of outliving your income due to living a longer life. The method you choose to accumulate wealth is one thing, but you must consider the other risks you face.

9. Cost Analysis and Review

All financial vehicles have costs. And costs are not only the amount of charges you experience, but also the amount of taxes you will pay for using that financial vehicle.

10. Evidence of Historical Performance

A great way to see if these wealth strategies could work in the future is to take a look back at the hypothetical historical performances from the past.

11. A Unique Crediting Strategy

The ability to capture some of the gains yet never experience a loss sounds too good to be true. Because of its unique crediting strategy, this wealth accumulation vehicle has been the preferred option for the wealthy.

12. The Reason Behind The Strategies

There are a multitude of financial vehicles that can help you build wealth. But why do The Top 25% prefer this one wealth accumulation vehicle over all others?

13. Conclusion of Wealth Strategies

"We are heading to a future where we'll have to double federal taxes or cut federal spending by 60%." This quote was stated by former Comptroller General of the United States, David Walker.


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