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Jeff Butler, Co-Founder

One-on-One Consultation

1 hr | Free Consultation

In a one-on-one consultation, we go beyond typical financial planning to help identify your investment philosophy, understand your savings strategy, and provide discipline throughout your retirement planning experience.

In addition to helping YOU identify the right strategy, we help keep YOUR decisions and behavior regarding savings strategies on track for achieving the results YOU desire.

Jeff Butler, Co-Founder

Your Personal Wealth Report

1 hr | Free Report

This report is a 20-page document that will assess your current retirement savings plan and recommend proven strategies that will help minimize – or help eliminate – the taxes you pay during retirement.

In the individuals and families we’ve helped, this wealth report has uncovered strategies that position them to experience three major tax benefits:
(1) tax-deferred cash accumulation,
(2) tax-free distribution, and
(3) tax-free wealth transfer to their heirs.

Jeff Butler, Co-Founder

Life Insurance Policy Review

1 hr | Free Review

Clear Diamond Life gathers some very basic information on your current life insurance policy and asks some very basic health questions. Then we take that information and shop the best insurance companies in the country. All of this will be done without disclosing anything about your identity to the insurance companies.

Once we have the results from all of the companies, we will give you a review of the top 2 or 3 options in the market and clearly outline any of the results that may save you money over what you are currently paying.